The WCLAC Bulletin - October 2016
WCLAC’s grassroots partner succeed in reaching remote conservative areas; WCLAC forms partnership with two local organizations in East Jerusalem; Figures and trends on crimes against Palestinian women; Serious challenge to the ICC by African countries; End-of-mission statement by the SRVAW; International Day of the Girl Child; Jerusalem: A City Ripped Apart; Voice of a woman from Jerusalem; “Surprise beyond words” Gaza Couple’s Celebration Goes Viral; Grim reality for women and children in Gaza; and Palestinian Women’s Coalition of UNSCR 1325 deeply disappointed with ICC.

Recent Archive
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Women's Voices: Najwa R. - Night raid/arrest
Women's Voices: Shad Q. - Property destruction
Women's Voices: Maison Y. - Night raid/arrest
Women's Voices: Maram J. - Night raid/arrest
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