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Women's Voices: Hanadi Q. - House Arrest

Name  Hanadi Q. 
Age  42

Silwan, Jerusalem

Type of Incident  House Arrest 
Date of Incident  31 December 2017 


Hanadi’s son was arrested and sentenced to six months house arrest in December 2017. During this period, Hanadi and her husband had to accompany their son to school, and ensure he did not leave the house at any other time. As a result, Hanadi and her family have been placed under immense emotional and financial strain.

“My name is Hanadi A and I am 42 years old. I am married to Ali A (47 years), and I am the mother of three sons and two daughters. I have lived in Silwan (Ein al-Luza district) for 42 years.”

“On December 25th 2017, at 4:00 AM, my son Mohammed (16 years old) was arrested. Mohammed  was detained for a week at the Maskoubiya station, where he was interrogated. My son told me that the interrogations lasted hours and he was threatened with imprisonment if he did not confess.”

“Mohammed was charged with throwing stones at an Israeli army vehicle and writing inflammatory and hostile publications about the Israeli occupation authorities on his Facebook page. On 31st December 2017, my husband and I, along with our lawyer, attended his hearing at the Israeli High Court.”

“Mohammed was sentenced to six months' house arrest from the date of his sentence. He was allowed to go to school, but only if accompanied by one of his parents at all times during school hours. Mohammed was prevented from using any electronic device to access social networking sites. A fine of 2000 shekels would be payable if Mohammed violated the conditions of the sentence. This would include the absence of his parent at school.”

“The house arrest has been very difficult for us, as I both my husband and I work. I used to work five days a week, but I had to reduce this to three days. This affected the material income for my family. This also affected my husband, because the rest of the days he accompanied Mohammed to school, and so then he had to work late into the hours of the night to make up the time.”

“My life has been turned upside down. Since Mohammed’s house arrest, we are scared to leave the house for fear of being subjected to the Israeli occupation forces or the possibility of Mohammed being arrested again. I am always fearing that Mohammed will leave home with his friends without our knowledge. “

“One day, my youngest son Ahmad (10 years old) asked me, "Are you and my father imprisoning my brother Mohammed?" I cried a lot after I heard this, and I explained to Ahmad that I was the guardian of Mohammed, and that I protect Mohammed from any harm.”


“I feel like these six months will never end. There is no joy or laughter in my house. I feel tired and have constant headaches from the pressure and worry. “