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Women's Voices: Obeida F.- Arrest

Name  Obeida F.
Age 43
Location  Soud, Silwan 
Type of Incident  Arrest
Date of Incident  11 September 2017


In September 2017, Obeida’s 17 year-old son, Mohammed, was arrested in the middle of the night. He was detained under investigation, and Obeida and her husband were not permitted to visit him. Three court hearings were listed and postponed, and Mohammed remained imprisoned without a fair trial for six weeks.

1.       "My name is Obeida F. I am 43 years old and I have been living in the neighborhood of Saoud, Silwan for 14 years. I have been married for 23 years and I am the mother of four children."

2.       "At 04:30 am on 11 September 2017, my husband and I were awoken by the doorbell and a voice saying “open the door, it’s the police." My husband opened the door to three men, who identified themselves as intelligence agents, and two policemen."

3.       "One of the intelligence agents, who said his name was Elias, said that he had an arrest warrant against my Mohammed, who is 17 years old, and that at 08:00 am he had a court hearing al-Maskobiya in Jerusalem."

4.       "I started crying. Two police officers tied Mohammed's hands with plastic tapes to the back and took him outside."

5.       "One of our neighbors’ told us that two of the policemen hit my son's head against the wall while they were going down the stairs."

6.       "At the Jerusalem Maskobiya detention center, an indictment was filed against Mohammed for "throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the cars of settlers and the police." The court handed down a ban on us visiting Mohammed. We were not allowed to bring him any of his belongings. The reason we were given was that the investigation against him had to be completed."

7.       "Mohammed was sitting in court smiling at me as if he was telling me not to cry.  I could not stop myself from crying, I felt so weak and helpless that I could not protect my son."

8.       "Three court sessions were listed for Mohammed on 11, 18 and 28 of September 2017, all of which were postponed, on the grounds that the investigation proceedings were incomplete. Each time, the atmosphere in the court was awful and the prejudice against my son from the judges was clear."

9.       "Mohammed was transferred to Megiddo prison on 28 September 2018."

10.   "We were finally allowed to visit Mohammed on second of October 2017. I saw him behind the glass and we talked through telephone speakers. I tried to pull myself together to keep Mohammed strong."

11.   "The prison entry procedures and checks were strict and provocative. They did not allow me to bring in all the necessary items for Mohammed like clothes and blankets. We paid a sum of 300 shekels for Mohammed's prison fees and 500 NIS for his so-called “canteen”."

12.  " On 30 October 2017, another court hearing was listed for Mohammed. I prayed for the release of my son."


13.   "Currently, the situation is difficult for the entire family. We are anxiously waiting for the court's decision to release Mohammed."