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Women's Voices: Fida Z.- House Arrest

Name  Fida z.
Age 33
Location  Old City, Jerusalem 
Type of Incident House Arrest 
Date of Incident  12 December 2017 


Fida’s son has been arrested and detained many times since he was 11 years old. Nabil is now 16 years old and is currently in prison. His imprisonment has placed huge strain emotionally and financially on Fida’s family.

    "My name is Fida Zahida. I am 33 years old. I am married. My husband is from the Seder family. I have five children. Nabil is 16 years old and is now a detainee."

   " I live in the old town of Jerusalem, in a courtyard near the door of the Council, one of the doors of Al-Aqsa Mosque. We face regular raids of our houses and shops by the occupation army and police, in addition to the arrests and searches of people regardless of their age or sex, which means that children, boys and girls, suffer this."

  " In 2014, when my son, Nabil, was 11 years old, he was continuously arrested. This lasted for about two years and sometimes he was sentenced to house arrest for five to ten days. Once, he was sentenced to 168 days of community service, cleaning the municipality."

   " During the periods of house arrest, I suffered, as I had to prevent him from leaving the house, as we were threatened with a fine if he did. The police were always at the door of the house. My husband and I both work and cannot stay at home, so I had to stop working for a while to watch Nabil."

     " In November 2016, Nabil was arrested and detained for five months. Nabil told me that during his interrogation, the interrogator used very obscene               words and threatened him. I heard them myself saying horrible words. They stripped Nabil of his clothes and subjected him to a body search, including            an  internal inspection of the anus." 

    "After about a year of being released from prison, on the 12th of December 2017, the Israelis arrested Nabil again and charged him with vandalizing government property (cameras in the neighborhood) and throwing fireworks. They forced him to serve a suspended period of 8 months and then he will have a court hearing to issue a verdict. Yet, the prison term of 8 months would not be counted from the sentence, which will be issued." 

      "A month ago, he told me that there was a prisoner threatening him and wanted to take his clothes. This made me worry about him, even though my son's personality is strong, I was afraid he would hurt him."

       "I have many responsibilities that exhaust me. I work from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm, then I take care of my child with special needs and my other children and house work for the rest of the day. I follow up my son's case the lawyer and visit him in prison. My husband has two jobs and all the responsibilities at home are on me."


   " I have suffered psychologically and emotionally, but I try to appear strong.   People blame me for my son's situation; they see it as shameful because I could not prevent my son from leaving the house. Every night, I cry a lot because I miss my son and I worry about him."