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Women's Voices: Maria H. - House Arrest

Name Maria H.
Age 39
Location  Shufat Refugee Camp
Type of incident House Arrest
Date of incident  8 October 2014


Maria’s son, Mohamed was violently arrested when he was 16 years old and sentenced to house arrest for a year and a half. During this period, Mohamed tried to commit suicide three times. He continued to live in fear and anxiety, along with developing a sleep disorder. This placed huge strain on Mohamed, Maria and their family.

1.       "My name is Maria. I live in Shufat Refugee Camp. I have 3 sons and 3 daughters. Mohamed (20 years old) is my third son. My husband has a disability concerning his feet, which limits his mobility."

2.       "My son, Mohamed, was arrested when he was 16 years old. He was arrested on 8/10/2014, at 03:00am at Shufat Refugee camp military checkpoint. He was kept at the “Navi Yakouv” police station. The interrogator refused to let me attend the interrogation."

3.       "I later learned from his friends, that  the Israeli occupation forces put Mohamed into a garbage container, ripped  off his clothes and violently started to beat him all over his body. After beating him on his stomach, Mohamed started to throw up on his clothes. Then, they took his shirt and tied it up to his face until he lost consciousness."

4.       "Mohamed was detained for two weeks at Al-Maskobiya detention center and was released after paying a fine amounting to 5000 NIS, in addition to being ordered to spend one and half year under house arrest, meaning he is not allowed to leave the house under any circumstances, not even for medical treatment."

5.      " During the year and a half period of house arrest, my son has lived under huge psychological pressure. He tried to commit suicide three times. One time, he held a knife and openly said that he will kill himself. Two other times, he went to the rooftop and tried to jump. He continued to live in fear, along with developing a sleep disorder."

6.       "During this period, I suffered a lot. I used to accompany my son during the whole one and half year period to meet with the disciplinary officer every Wednesday, where he was interrogated each time. I escorted him to the court twice every month and spent long hours there. I was also staying with him in the house to look after him and to prevent him from going out. I was disconnected from the outside world and my relations with others were affected. I was imprisoned with my son."

7.       "The hardest period for me was after finishing the house arrest, as a verdict was issued against my son, in which he was sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment.  I had to deliver him myself to Al-Ramla Prison. I could not tolerate it and I went through a week of psychological distress. I became nervous and I couldn’t sleep or eat."

8.       "Currently, one and half year later, I’m still suffering with him and I’m extremely worried about his situation. He cannot sleep during the night, he complains about pains and shortness of breath, he hates life, he is in constant fear of Israeli soldiers raiding the house and arresting him again and he cannot commit to a job for a long time."