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Women's Voices: Neda K. - Housing demolition


Name Neda K.
Age 25
Location Kufr Aqab/ Jerusalem
Nature of incident Notification of housing demolition
Date of incident 14 September 2017

On 14 September 2017, Neda K from Kufr Aqab was shocked to find numerous Israeli soldiers and policeoutside of her house. They issued her and her family a notification to evict their house so that it can be demolished. Both Neda and her husband cannot afford to relocate to Jerusalem if their home is taken from them.

"My name is Neda and I am a 25 year old housewife; I am married with a six year old son. We live in Kufr Aqab on the first floor of a detached building."

"On 14 September I awoke to a strange sound outside of my house. I was alone at home with my son as my husband was at work."

"I looked outside the window and to my terror saw five military jeeps and around 20 Israeli soldiers, and 10 Israeli policemen in military gear along with the president of Kufr Aqab municipality."

"I rang my husband and he told me to not open the door to anyone."

"I was shaking from fear, and would look out the window every five minutes to see if they were there or not. They were taking measurements of our building."

"I went to my neighbour opposite to me and she told me the Israelis want to demolish our building. I was speechless. The owner of the building confirmed this with my husband."

"On 14 October 2017 my husband went to file a complaint at the court in Jerusalem against the order, but it was refused."

"On 21 October 2017, Israeli police and military knocked on our front door. My husband answered and they told him that we have a week to leave the building."

"My husband and I cannot afford to live in Jerusalem, even though we have Jerusalem I.D. and we have worked for years to get our current house. We no longer have any stability."