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WCLAC puts forth CEDAW Shadow Report for Consideration Regarding Israelís Sixth Period Report to the 68th Session of the United Nations

In October 2017 WCLAC completed their Shadow Report submission to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in partnership with the General Union of Palestinian Women. The report strives to assist CEDAW in their review of Israel this October, and as a progression from WCLAC's previous CEDAW submission to the pre-sessional working group last June 2016. The report addresses five topics: night raids; settlements and settler violence; female prisoners; property destruction and residency revokation; and the blockade on Gaza.

Brief analysis of the situation in Palestine, with special focus on each issue in regards to their effect on Palestinian women, is followed by recommendations WCLAC and GUPW see fit for Israel to follow in order to combat these issues. The report is concluded by documentations from interviews with Palestinian women who have experienced one or more of the issues detailed above. 


Read the full report here.