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Women's Voices: Nariman M. - Night raid/arrest

Name Nariman M,
Age 40
Location Ad Duheisha Camp - Bethlehem
Nature of incident Night raid/arrest
Date of incident 25 June 2017

On 10 July 2017, Israeli soldiers raided the home of Nariman, a mother of four, in the Ad Duheisha Camp. The soldiers didn’t present an arrest or search warrant, but aggressively arrested Yazan, Nariman’s 19 year old son. The family doesn’t know about Yazan’s current condition.

“My name is Nariman and I am 40 years old. I live in the Ad Duheisha Camp with my husband and our four children, Yazan (19), Omar (18), Rama (16), and Mohammed (13).”

"On 10 July 2017, at 4:00 a.m., I verified the time on my phone, my family and I woke up to the sound of a small explosion. I right away realized that it was the Israeli soldiers, as they’ve raided my house a few times before. I later realized that the soldier has used a device that removes the hinges of the main gate of my house making a small explosion to open it.

“I walked behind my husband who went to open the house’s door, while my children remained inside their bedrooms.”

"My husband opened the door. I was terrified, and felt nauseated from fear when I saw about 30 Israeli soldiers, all in full military gear and with masks on, enter the house.”

“The soldiers were pointing their guns towards my husband and I. The commander presented himself to my husband in Arabic, and then asked him about our son Yazan. When my husband tried to ask the commander why he wanted Yazan, the commander yelled back at him and told him to shut up. He refused to clarify the reason.”

“The commander had me and my husband sit in the living room. Around 10 soldiers stayed with us, while one soldier brought in my daughter Rama and my son Mohammed. My children were shivering out of fear. The rest of the soldiers started to search the house without causing any damages to the furniture.”

“From where I was sitting, I could see three soldiers enter Omar’s and Yazan’s, bedroom. I was so worried for my children; I couldn’t feel my legs out of fear. My husband tried to again ask the commander what the soldiers wanted, and tried to enter our sons’ bedroom. A soldier yelled at him to sit and not make any movement.”

“10 minutes later, the soldiers got out of my sons’ bedroom, with Omar with his hands tied to his back with plastic ties. Yazan was not with them. Omar was yelling that he was not Yazan, asking the soldiers to let him go.”

“I heard the soldiers talking to each other in Hebrew though the intercom, when three soldiers rushed out of my sons’ bedroom and went outside; I couldn’t understand Hebrew but I realized that Yazan must have ran away from the bedroom’s window. I was sure they were looking for him around the house. The rest of the soldiers stayed inside with us, including Omar. The commander then had our family go outside the house, to sit in the front yard.”

“I was shocked when I saw around 80-100 soldiers surrounding my house, my children were shivering out of fear. Half an hour later, six soldiers came in the yard along with one sniffer dog: they had Yazan with them. Yazan’s hands were tied to his back with plastic ties, and the soldiers were hitting him with their guns and hands on his head and shoulders. My husband lost his mind when he saw Yazan, he ran towards him but the soldiers pointed their guns towards him and made him sit.”

“At around 5:00 a.m. I estimated an hour since this had all begun, the soldiers left the house arresting Yazan; I started to cry out of worry. The soldiers didn’t tell us why they had arrested him, and they didn’t hand us an arrest nor search warrant.”

“At 10:00 a.m. the same day. My husband called the complaint office in Jerusalem, who told us that Yazan was held in Ashqelon interrogation center point for interrogation. Up until this moment we don’t have an update on Yazan condition, because during the interrogation period the Israeli authorities do not release any information about the detainee.”

“I feel worried about my son, I barely sleep thinking and crying over him; I am afraid that he will get hit or tortured by the interrogators.”


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