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WCLAC provides submission to CEDAW committee pre-sessional working group

On 10 June 2016 WCLAC forwarded their submission to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women with a suggested list of issues prior to reporting for Israel for the prior 18 months leading up to the June 2016 pre-sessional working group. The purpose of this submission is to provide the CEDAW Committee with a suggested list of issues affecting Palestinian women living under Israeli occupation for consideration during the Pre-Sessional Working Group meetings prior to reporting for Israel. This comes to affirm the CEDAW Committee’s position that the Convention applies beyond the State Party’s own territory and that it is the State Party’s duty to report on the status of implementation of the Convention in the Occupied Territories, including the situation of women in the Occupied Territories. The evidence in this submission is based on 220 testimonies from women collected by WCLAC on the topics of:

  • Night raids conducted by the Israeli military on Palestinian homes
  • Settler violence
  • Human rights defenders
  • Unlawful transfer of female prisoners
  • Property destruction
  • Genral issues effecting women in Gaza

View the submission here.