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Women's Voices: Abeer S. - Night raid/arrest

Name Abeer S.
Age 52
Location Anabta, Tulkarm, West Bank
Nature of Incident Night raid/arrest
Date of Incident 17 July 2017

On 17 July 2017, Israeli soldiers raid the home of Abeer, arresting her only soAhmad (23). The son is still under interrogation, and no reason for arrest has been presented to the family.

 “My name is Abeer, I am a 52 year old housewife. I live with my husband and son Ahmad (23) in Tulkarm.”

“On 17 July 2017 at about 3:00 a.m., I was awoken to the sound of hard banging on the back door of the house. I looked at my phone to verify the time. I woke up my husband and son to go and open the door.”

“My husband found 5 Israeli soldiers in full military gear at the door. I stayed in the bedroom because I have a broken leg and cannot walk, but I could hear the sound of the soldiers and my husband talking. The commander informed my husband in Arabic that he is in charge of the operation. He ordered my husband and son to sit in the living room, and a soldier came and stood at the door of my bedroom, not pointing his weapon at me.”

“My husband asked the commander what he wanted from our son, but got no reply. The commander ordered my husband to get clothes for my son. As I listened I lost my nerves and began to cry. Ahmad is my only child and I love him incredibly, I wouldn’t be able to live without him.”

“My husband told me later, after the soldiers left the house, that he had brought Ahmad some clothes so he could get dressed, then a soldier had tied Ahmad’s hands behind his back with plastic ties. My son had asked the commander for time to say goodbye to me but was refused. The soldiers didn’t search the house.”

“They took Ahmad at around 3:15 a.m., I verified the time from my mobile phone. We weren’t given an arrest warrant or reason for arrest. I could hear from the sound of the door that they left through the front door of the house.”

“On the same day at 8:00 a.m., 17 July 2017, my husband called the prisoners association and told them about Ahmad. The next day, 18 July 2017, they informed us that Ahmad was held at Jalame prison and that they will arrange a lawyer for us.”

“The lawyer told us on 20 July 2017 that Ahmad will spend 12 days in prison for interrogation. He haven’t heard anything else, and still don’t know what the accusations are.”

“I feel helpless for my son because I am ill and am not able to move. I cannot sleep at night from thinking of him.”

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