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Women's Voices: Nawal N - Night raid/arrest


Name Nawal N.
Age 57
Location Anabta, Tulkarm, West Bank
Nature of Incident Night raid/arrest
Date of Incident 17 July 2017

On 17 July 2017, Israeli soldiers raid the home of Nawal. The soldiers arrest her eldest son Mohammaed (28) without an arrest warrant. Damages were made to the property, and her son is still detained.

“My name is Nawal, I am a 57 year old housewife. I have two sons, Mohammed (28) and Imad (26), and a daughter Ghaydaa (29), who is married with one child (12). I live with my husband and sons.”

“On 17 July 2017 at around 3:00 a.m., the time my husband usually goes to work, I was awake when I heard a loud sound of the front door being taken off its hinges. My husband called out who was there but no one answered. He went over to the door to find 15 Israeli soldiers in full military gear with a large dog inside the house”.

“My children were asleep in their room, and Ghaydaa was staying over with her child. The commander addressed himself and told us to gather everyone in the living room. I woke up my children to follow orders: my grandchild remained sleeping. Two soldiers had their guns aimed at us.”

“The other soldiers spread across the house and we heard my grandchild screaming and crying. The soldiers came to us with my grandchild who was shaking with fear. He said “the dog attacked me and scratched my leg”. The commander took my son Mohammed into another room, I could hear him shouting, it sounded like a soldier was hitting him. I began to cry as they wouldn’t let me go to my son.”

“The soldiers searched the house for a long time, they took nothing but they broke the doors and messed up the cupboards.”

“At about 4:00 a.m. using plastic ties, a soldier tied Mohammed’s legs and his hands behind his back. Mohammed was not allowed to say goodbye. He wanted to give my husband the 1000NIS a soldier had taken, but it was never returned to us.”

“The soldiers left with my son and never informed us of the reason he was arrested.”

 On the same day, 17 July 2017, at about 9:00 a.m., my husband called the prisoner’s association and they responded the next day, 18 July 2017, to tell us Mohammed was held in Jalame prison. The association provided a lawyer and on 19 July 2017 he called and informed us that Mohammed will be held for 12 days for interrogation. Until now we don’t know why he was arrested.”

“I miss my son dearly and I don’t sleep at night because I worry about him. My grandchild is still terrified.”



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