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Women's Voices: Manal N.A. - Jerusalem women

Name: Manal N.A.
Age: 45
Location: Ras al-Amud, East Jerusalem
Nature of incident: Child arrest
Date of incident: 12 February 2017

On 12 February 2017, 14 year old son of a woman from Ras al-Amud in East Jerusalem is arrested on his way back home from school and is placed under house arrest for a week after being accused of throwing stones at the police.
Manal is a 45-year old mother of 5 children from the neighbourhood of Ras al-Amud in East Jerusalem.
“On 12 February 2017, at around 1:00 p.m., I was worried about my son Saif (14) who was about an hour late coming home from school. At around 2:00p.m. Saif’s cousin (18) came and told me that Saif was arrested by Israeli police and they put him inside the police jeep and drove away.”
“I got extremely afraid and worried about Saif. I told my husband and my oldest son Faris and about half an hour later we all went to the police station at Sala Addin Street. We stood outside the police station waiting for around three hours; then a policeman told us that Saif was detained for sure.”
“At around 6:00 p.m. the police called us into the police station. The commanders met us and told us that Saif was going to be transferred to Al Maskubieh prison for further questioning.”
“Just as we left the police station my husband went to see a lawyer who in turn went to the police station and found out that Saif was not going to be transferred to Al Maskubieh prison until his hearing in held on Sunday, 15 February 2017, at around 1:30 p.m. The police told the lawyer that a charge sheet would be presented during the hearing but they didn’t clarify what he was accused of.”
“Saif spent three nights at the police station. During this time I was not sleeping or eating well thinking about Saif. Saif’s hearing was actually held at 2:00p.m. On 15 February 2017 and my husband and I attended the hearing. I saw Saif when he was brought into the court room surrounded by five policemen. He was shackled and hand cuffed to the front.”
“Saif looked exhausted and when I got closer to him he asked me to get him out of there. It was very painful for me to see my child Saif under such circumstances. He was accused of throwing stones at the police car and then running away and was put under house arrest for a week as punishment. He was not allowed to attend school.”
“Saif was released on the same day. He later told me that during the interrogation the police slapped him and swore at him and threatened to lock him up in jail for a long time.”
“I kept an eye on Saif during his time under house arrest to make sure he did not leave the house because if he did we would have to pay a lot of money in fine. I also worried that the police might arrest him again.”
“Saif barely ate during this time and he wanted me to sleep next to him at night. When his house arrest time was over he would go to school still feeling afraid that the police might arrest him once again.”

“I live under constant fear as the clashes between young men in our neighborhood happen all the time and the police always provoke young men. I feel worried about my children all the time.”

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