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Women's Voices: Nora Q. - child arrest

Name: Nora Q.
Age: 36
Location: Batn Al-HawaSilwan, East Jerusalem
Nature of incident: Night raid/arrest
Date of incident: 19 February 2017

On 19 February 2017, Israeli police arrest 13 year old boy while on his way back from school and pushed his mother to the ground as she tried to rescue him.

Nora is a 36-year-old mother of 5 children from Silwan in East Jerusalem

“On 19 February 2017, at around 1:30p.m., I was waiting for my son Saied (13) to come back home from school at the usual hour. I got extremely worried when it was 2:10 and Saied was not home yet. I stood in the main street just outside the front door waiting; then I saw two of Saied’s friends running towards me yelling that the soldiers had arrested Saied.”
“I was terrified and without thinking I ran to the place were Saied’s friends told me he was arrested. I didn’t even call my husband or tell anyone I just wanted to reach my son. It took me 10 minutes to reach Saied; he was sitting on the ground with his hands hand cuffed behind his with metal cuffs. I started to shake when I saw Saied surrounded by six soldiers; a number of people were trying to rescue Saied from the soldier.”
“I approached Saied and I tried to take him away; one of the soldiers pushed me to the ground, I didn’t feel the pain I was focused on my son. Another soldier held Saied’s neck and squeezed it. I lost my temper and started to yell at the soldiers; “that’s my son and he didn’t do anything”, I yelled. Again I tried to snatch Saied from the soldiers but they pushed me a second time to the ground, I fell down and hurt my head.”
“Saied’s grandmother (62) showed up and tried to reach Saied but the soldiers yelled at her and pushed her back. For about 30 minutes Saied was surrounded by the soldiers and I was begging them to let him go; I was shivering and crying but none of the soldiers paid any attention.”
“At around 3:30p.m., a police car showed up and four policemen stepped out.  I addressed one of them who spoke Arabic; I told him I was Saied’s mother and that he was still a child, the policeman told me Saied was accused of throwing stones at a military jeep.”
“The policeman allowed me to accompany Saied to the police station, but he told me to go back home and bring my ID, he also told my mother in law to accompany me because I was barely able to walk.”
“As I was walking back home, one of Saied’s friends yelled and told me that the soldiers put Saied in the military jeep and left. I got so overwhelmed that I fell to the ground; the policeman lied to me, they took Saied away!”
“At around 4:00 p.m. my husband and I and the lawyer went to the police station looking for Saied. We waited outside and no one spoke to us or gave us any information, I went back home while my husband stayed.”
“At around 11:00 p.m. my husband called me and told me Saied was interrogated for seven hours and that he was accused of throwing stones at the soldiers

“On that same day, 19 February 2017, Saied’s hearing was held and he was sentenced to house arrest for a week, and fined 2000 Shekels. When Saied came home, his nose was bleeding. During his time under house arrest the soldiers were present in the neighborhood all the time, one time Saied stood outside the front door and a soldier yelled at him to go inside.”
“My family and I tried to support Saied in all ways possible. After the house arrest period Saied would directly go to his father’s work place after school avoiding coming back home and avoiding soldiers.”

“I suffered pain in my hands, feet and head since the soldier pushed me to the ground; I barely eat and I live in fear, many times I wake up at night horrified when I hear the soldiers in the neighborhood.” 

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