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Women's Voices: Nahida R. - Night raid/arrest

Name: Nahida R.
Age: 48
Location: Hebron city, West Bank
Nature of incident: Night raid/arrest
Date of incident: 21 September 2016

On 21 September 2016, 10 Israeli soldiers raid the house of 48 year old mother from Hebron at 2:00 a.m., damage her furniture and deliver a verbal warning to her son that he is being closely monitored.

Nahida is a 48 mother of four children from Hebron in the West Bank.

“On 21 September 2016, at around 2:00 a.m. we all woke up to the sound of loud banging at the front door. We suspected it might be soldiers from the aggressive manner in which they banged the door. I got dressed very quickly and followed my husband who went to open the door. The minute he opened the door 10 soldiers in full military gear pushed the door open, pushed my husband to the ground and entered the house forcefully.” 

“The soldiers spread all over the house shouting and yelling and started to search it causing damage to the furniture. One of the soldiers asked my husband for my son Faris (27). My husband told them Faris lives in the first floor with his family. My husband asked the soldiers to give him a reason for raiding our house but they completely ignored his question and refused to talk to him.”
“The soldiers trashed the furniture and spilled food and continued to shout and yell; they didn’t leave a thing in the house which they didn’t turn over.”
“The commander then asked us to go into the bedroom. As soon as we entered the room I was shocked when two female soldiers followed us inside the room and asked me to stand up for a body search. My son Fawaz (5) started to cry and I tried to calm him down.
I went mad when the female soldiers asked me to left my clothes up; when I refused they started to yell at me, in Arabic, telling me to lift up my robe. The female soldiers searched me and asked me to turn around. I felt very awkward and embarrassed.”
“About half an hour later the other soldiers brought Faris’s wife Ikhlas (22) and her two young children to my house, while the soldiers kept Faris inside his house, on the first floor and questioned him. Ikhlas was shivering of fear and she looked pale and I was worried about her. About three hours later the soldiers left the apartment without arresting anyone. They warned my son to watch out because they were monitoring him very closely.”
“This experience terrified me. I felt sick and exhausted for days. I feared that my husband or children would be hurt and I constantly fear that soldiers might raid my house again; they already threaten to come back and arrest Firas, although he didn’t do anything wrong.” 


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