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Women's voices: Iman K. - Settler violence


Name: Iman K.
Age: 23
Location: Rantis, West Bank
Date of incident: 15 February 2016
Nature of incident: Settler violence
On 15 February 2016, the car of a Palestinian family is rammed from behind by a settler who then drove away without stopping.
Iman lives in the village of Rantis with her husband and two children – Elen, who is 3-years-old, and Bassam, who is 4-months-old.
“On 15 February 2016, at about 8:00 a.m., we were driving with the children home from a family visit to another village. I was sitting with the children in the back seat while my husband drove. We were travelling at a regular speed when just before we reached our village a settler drove into the back of our car.”
“I immediately hugged the children for protection and started to scream out of fear. I thought our car was about to flip over. The settler then drove off without caring what damage or injury he had caused. My husband then pulled over and we inspected the damage to our car which was severe.”
“My husband stopped a passing car going towards our village and me and the children received a lift home. Meanwhile, my husband stayed with our damaged car. When we reached home my mother-in-law was there and I felt like collapsing.”
“For two days after the crash I had headaches and felt too scared to leave the house. I am really scared now of travelling on the roads outside our village and Elen does not like to be in a car.”

keyword: Violence against women