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Women's voices: Shomo T. - Solider violence


Name: Shomo T.
Age: 20
Location: Kafr ad Dik, West Bank
Date of incident: 24 December 2015
Nature of incident: Soldier violence
Summary: Shomo and her sister Nawal work as fieldworkers for WCLAC. Shomo lives with her mother on the second floor of a house in the village of Kafr ad Dik. Her married brother lives on the first floor. On 24 December 2015, Israeli soldiers fired tear gas outside her house forcing the family to evacuate.
On 24 December 2015, at about 11:00 a.m., I was home chatting with my widowed sister Nawal, who came to visit us with her four children. Nawal’s oldest child is 10 and the youngest is 4-years-old.
At around the same time there were clashes between men from our village and Israeli soldiers who started to fire tear gas canisters. The clashes took place near the entrance to the village where our house is located. As the clashes escalated the soldiers fired around four tear gas canisters in front of our house. The gas started to come into the house and we all gathered in one room with the doors closed.  
Meanwhile I called one of my brothers-in-law, who lives in the same village, to help us get out of the house. My brother-in-law came and we started to get into a car when the soldiers fired another tear gas canister at us. We quickly closed the car doors because the children were inside while me and my sister remained outside.
Nawal inhaled a lot of gas and then fainted. I started to scream when I saw that my sister had fainted. I also inhaled some gas and I was barely able to walk and so it was difficult to help her. I did manage to drag her into the house. Once inside she woke up and said she felt as if she was paralyzed.  
My brother-in-law followed me inside and mixed yeast with water and made us inhale it. This helped a lot. When we were revived we all went to my other sister’s house in the village.
Nawal’s children became traumatized after the incident. Whenever they hear an unusual loud sound they start to cry. They are always scared that soldiers will show up. None of us feel safe anymore. We feel as if we could be killed at any moment. We hope that peace will one day come to Palestine.

keyword: Violence against women