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Women's Voices: Manal B. - Freedom of movement / Gaza woomen

 Name:  Manal B.
 Age:  47
 Location:  Gaza
 Date of incident:  26 February 2015
 Nature of incident:  Freedom of movement

On 26 February 2015, a woman in Gaza receives a US green card but is not granted a permit by the Israeli authorities to leave the territory. 

Manal lives in Gaza with her husband and children. Her youngest child is 10-years-old. Two of Manal’s daughters moved to the US eight years ago and cannot visit Gaza due to the Israeli blockade. If they did somehow manage to enter Gaza there is the risk they would not be able to leave and be reunited with their husbands and children in the US.
“On 26 February 2015, I received a green card and I was supposed to travel to the US to complete the procedures, but I wasn’t given a permit to leave Gaza by the Israeli authorities. The Israeli government only issues a limited number of permits under particular categories and I did not qualify.”
“We have lived through a number of wars over the years. We currently lack a proper electricity supply and other daily supplies. Like everyone in Gaza we never feel safe. Our lives are filled with disappointment and fear. After the last war in Gaza my children were left traumatized. My daughter, Tala, who is 15-years-old, can’t sleep at night. She is scared that the bombing will resume and now she can’t focus on her studies. My other daughter Judi, who is 10-years-old, screams every time she hears a loud noise as it reminds her of the bombing.”
“One of the houses owned by my family was partially damaged during the war. Many other people who live in the same neighborhood had their houses totally demolished and many became homeless. My family allowed some families to stay in our house for about seven months until they were able to find other homes.”
“I wish this blockade would be lifted. I just want to live a normal life. It has now been years since I was allowed to leave Gaza.”

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