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Special Projects

When WCLAC takes on projects pioneering new or time-bound activities (as opposed to ongoing service provision, for example) WCLAC occasionally makes the choice to establish separate management structures focussing on specific project activities and outputs. An example of this is the Takamol Project. 
The Takamol Project
The Takamol Project is a project being jointly implemented by WCLAC and Juzoor – a Palestinian health NGO – with funding from the European Commission. The aim of the project is to develop a sustainable legal-health-social service referral system for women victims of violence in Palestine. 
The three year funding for the project began in 2009, and WCLAC has plans to continue to support training and awareness-raising referral system for service providers following the completion of the current project plan at the end of 2011. 
"Dar Makhlouf" - WCLAC's resource centre and guesthouse
In partnership with the Centre for Cultural Heritage Reservation in Bethlahem, WCLAC has restored an elegant and historic building in Beit Jala (near Bethlehem City).   For more information on Dar Makhlouf, on WCLAC's activities using the building, and how you can support WCLAC by using the the Guesthouse or the exhibition/meeting hall, please look at Dar Makhlouf