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ICCPR Concluding Observations (2010)

On 29 July 2010, The UN Human Rights Committee (the Committee) issued Concluding Observations after reviewing Israel's Third Periodic Report under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) (the Covenant). 

In its Concluding Observations the Committee made the folowing observations and recommendations:

  • The Covenant applies in full in Israel as well as in the Occupied Palestinain Territory;
  • Isreal should refrain from using administrative detention;
  • Israel should refrain from expeling long-term residents of the West Bank to the Gaza Strip;
  • Israel should refrain from constructing settlements in the West Bank;
  • Israel should cease the practice of collective punitive home and property demolitions. Further, building permits should be issued on a non-discriminatory basis;
  • All residents of the West Bank should have equal access to water; and
  • Increased efforts should be made to protect the rights of religeous minorities and ensure equal and non-discriminatory access to places of worship.

 The Committee's Concluding Observations are available on line.