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Women's Voices: In the Shadow of the Settlements (2010).

In 2010, WCLAC released a new report on the impact of settlements on Plaestinain women. The presence of settlements and their associated infrastructure including checkpoints, roadblocks and settler-only bypass roads not only results in violations of the most fundamental principles of international humanitarian law and international human rights law but also effectively fragments the West Bank into enclaves denying the Palestinians their right to self determination. The human rights situation of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory is dramatically different to that of Israel's settler population, which benefits from the same rights as Israelis inside Israel. In effect, the settlement project is a colonial one which results in the creation of two parallel and unequal societies in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The report in particular focuses on: settler violence; arrest and detention; restrictions on freedom of movement; home demolitions and forced evictions; and family unification. 

The full report - Women's Voices: In the Shadow of the Settlements (2010) - is available on line.