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Women's Voices: Shireen H. - Property destruction
On 18 and 19 July 2016, Israeli officials raid the house of 36 year old mother from Silwan multiple times and search it without explanation, push her daughter to the ground and case damage to the furniture, before demolishing an adjacent structure.
Women's voices: Faiza S. - House demolition
On 1 February 2016, Israeli soldiers demolish a family’s tent and confiscates the land.
Women's voices: Basma J. - House demolition
On 1 February 2016, the Israeli military demolished a tent which had been home to a Palestinian family for 10 years in order to expand the nearby settlement.
Jerusalem: A City on Edge (2015)
This report considers the current situation in Jerusalem with reference to testimonies provided by Palestinian women. Issues considered included: residency rights and familiy re-unification; building permits and house demolitions; settler violence and encroachment; police violence, night raids and arrests; and restrictions on the freedom of worship.
Women's voices: Faizeh D. - Property destruction
On 11 March 2015, Israeli forces demolish a family home in the Jordan Valley without prior notice.
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