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Women's Voices: Nawal E. - Property destruction
On 9 June 2014, the Israeli military demolished a family home in the village of Far’un, in the West Bank, because the family did not apply to the military authorities for a building permit.
Women's Voices: Insherah D. - Property destruction
On 21 May 2014, a mother of two small children witnesses her house being demolished by the Israeli military in the Jordan Valley.
Women's Voices: Kifah D. - Property destruction
A woman describes the day Israeli forces demolished the tent she was living in on land where her family were grazing cattle in the Jordan Valley.
Women's Voice: Fatima J. - Property destruction
A woman describes how her house was demolished and how she was prevented from retrieving her possessions before the bulldozers moved in.
Women's Voices: Ribhea N. - Property destruction
On 1 April 2014, Israeli soldiers accompanied by two bulldozers demolish tents used for accommodation and livestock by a Palestinian family in the West Bank.
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