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Women's Voices: Nawafa T. - Property Destruction / Jerusalem women
On 29 October 2014, a family home in East Jerusalem is demolished without prior notice.
Women's Voices: Huda H.- Property destruction / Jerusalem women
On 17 October 2014, a Palestinian family in East Jerusalem is forced to demolish two rooms of their house that were built without an Israeli issued building permit.
Women's Voices: Salma S. - Property Destruction
On 10 September 2014, the home of a 75-year-old woman is demolished by the Israeli army on the grounds that it is inside a “closed military zone” in the West Bank.
Women's Voices: Hanan T. - Property destruction
On 10 September 2014, Israeli soldiers demolish a Palestinian home on the grounds that it was built in an Israeli military zone in the West Bank.
Women's Voices: Fatima S. - Property destruction
On 28 August 2014, a woman from Jerusalem describes how her home has been repeatedly demolished by the Israeli authorities.
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