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Women's Voices: Suhad D. - Gaza women / Freedom of movement
On 17 December 2014, a mother from Gaza describes how difficult it is to obtain a permit from the Israeli authorities to visit her family in the West Bank.
Women's Voices: Rawan A. - Gaza women / military blockade
On 8 December 2014, a young woman from Gaza describes the frustration she feels at not being permitted to leave Gaza to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem.
Women's Voices: Fatima Q.- Aftermath of war in Gaza
On 8 November 2014, a woman is Gaza describes life following the destruction of her family home during the summer war.
Women's Voices: Manar - Aftermath of war in Gaza
On 20 October 2014, a woman describes life in Gaza following last summerís war.
Women's Voices: Siham W. - Gaza women - War damage
On 9 October 2014, an apartment building damaged during the war in Gaza finally collapses. The building had been home to 21 members of an extended family.
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