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Gaza women - Movement restrictions imposed on students
Supreme Court upholds refusal to allow gender studies students to travel from Gaza to the West Bank and accepts the state's position that it may treat them as "enemy citizens" for purposes of passage.
The Guardian / Gaza Women
Women in Gaza: how life has changed Behind the blockade, conservatism is rising, but so too is unemployment, poverty, depression and domestic violence
The Guardian / Mental health in Gaza / Gaza Women
Israeli blockade takes its toll on mental health in Gaza. "Women tend to bury mental health problems and avoid confrontation." says one mental health worker.
Women's Voices: R.H. - Gaza women
On 4 July 2012, a woman working with the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza describes a shortage of medicine for psychiatric patients, caused in part by Israeli restrictions and internal Palestinian rivalries.
Women's Voices: Bara'a Q. - Gaza women
On 11 May 2012, a 21-year-old woman from the Gaza Strip describes the difficulties she faces trying to study when there are frequent power cuts.
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