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Women's Voices: Amal S. - Aftermath of the war in Gaza
On 1 October 2014, a 15-year-old girl from Gaza tells WCLAC what life in Gaza is like after the war during the summer.
The war in Gaza (2014) summary
On 26 August an open-ended ceasefire came into effect bringing an end to the latest fighting in and around Gaza. During the previous 50 days of armed conflict 2,104 Palestinians were killed, including 253 women
The WCLAC Bulletin - August 2014
In this issue: 50 days of conflict in Gaza come to an end WCLAC summary; testimony from mother who lost her son; eye-witness account from theatre nurse working in Gaza; Legislative Council member served with deportation order by Israeli military; impact of occupation on Palestinian women features in prominent psychoanalytic journal; ICC prosecutor explains why it is up to the PA to activate the Court's jurisdiction.
Women's Voices: Nisrin M. - War on Gaza
On 24 August 2014, an Israeli bombardment kills a 17-year-old boy and severely insures two others.
Women's Voices: Hana K. - The war in Gaza
On 24 August 2014, a mother describes how her 16-year-old son is killed by shrapnel from an Israeli bomb as he was standing on the balcony getting some fresh air.
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