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Women's Voices: Jamileh J. - The war in Gaza
On 20 July 2014, a woman and her family are forced to flee their home in the Ash Shuja’iyeh neighbourhood due to an intensive Israeli bombardment. Once outside, her husband and daughter were killed as they approached a nearby ambulance that was struck by a missile.
Women's Voices: Suha T. - The war in Gaza
On 15 July 2014, a family is forced to flee from their home due to heavy Israeli bombardment and to seek shelter in an overcrowded school.
The WCLAC Bulletin - July 2014
This issue focuses on the conflict in Gaza and includes: Right wing mob attacks anti-war demo in Haifa, a mother describes escaping wit her children from Al Shuja’iya neighbourhood; New life amidst the destruction; over 1700 killed and over 9000 injured in Gaza; high proportion of fatalities are civilians; 475,000 people internally displaced in Gaza; mosques, schools and hospitals hit and UN establishes independent war crimes investigation, only US opposes.
Women's Voices: Khulud Khamis - Demonstrating against the war is Gaza
On 19 July 2014, a Palestinian citizen of Israel attends a protest against the war in Gaza in Haifa. The protest was met by 2,000 extreme right-wing protestors shouting “death to Arabs”.
Women's Voices: Bessan Q. - The war in Gaza
On 3 August 2014, a woman in Gaza describes how her sister went into labour but was too terrified to get into an ambulance because of reports that they have been targeted by the Israeli military.
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