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WCLAC submits evidence to UN Commission of Inquiry on the war in Gaza
On 28 January 2015, WCLAC submitted a report to the Commission of Inquiry which includes 36 eyewitness testimonies collected by the organisationís Gaza fieldworkers. The evidence submitted by WCLAC includes cases involving fatalities, destruction of ambulances, ineffectual or false warnings provided by the military of an impending attack, displacement and property destruction.
Women's Voices: Suhad D. - Gaza women / Freedom of movement
On 17 December 2014, a mother from Gaza describes how difficult it is to obtain a permit from the Israeli authorities to visit her family in the West Bank.
Women's Voices: Rawan A. - Gaza women / military blockade
On 8 December 2014, a young woman from Gaza describes the frustration she feels at not being permitted to leave Gaza to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem.
Women's Voices: Fatima Q.- Aftermath of war in Gaza
On 8 November 2014, a woman is Gaza describes life following the destruction of her family home during the summer war.
Women's Voices: Manar - Aftermath of war in Gaza
On 20 October 2014, a woman describes life in Gaza following last summerís war.
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