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Women's Voices: Samar M. - Gaza women / Religious freedom
A mother from Gaza describes how she and her children were denied permits by the Israeli authorities to visit Jerusalem over Easter.
Women's Voices: Hiba Sh. - Gaza women
A mother of three describes frequent power cuts of up to 21 hours per day, fuel shortages and restrictions on freedom of movement in Gaza.
Outrage rising among Palestinians over steady increase in "honor killings"
The steady rise in the number of murders of Palestinian women by family membersis sparking more urgent protests from Palestinian human rights activists.
Women's Voices: Mai H. - Gaza women
A mother from Gaza describes how her disabled son was strip searched at Erez border crossing with Israel on his way to hospital.
Women's Voices: R.A. - Gaza women
A mother of four describes travelling in the tunnels in order to see her elderly and sick father for perhaps the last time.
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