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Women's Voices: Omaima B. - Property acquisition by settlers
On 13 October 2014, Israeli authorities take over a property in Silwan that was purchased by settlers in circumstances involving deception.
Jerusalem: A City Divided
Jerusalem today is a divided city. Between the wall, checkpoints, closures and administrative hurdles, communities in East Jerusalem are becoming increasingly fragmented. In a new report by WCLAC Jerusalem: A City Divided - the history of how we arrived at this situation is explored juxtaposed with the voices of real women living in the city today.
Jerusalem: A City Divided
Jerusalem: A City Divided
Women's Voices: Fatima S. - Property destruction
On 28 August 2014, a woman from Jerusalem describes how her home has been repeatedly demolished by the Israeli authorities.
Women's Voices: Omima N. Child arrest
On 3 July 2014, a 15-year-old Palestinian/US citizen is assaulted by Israeli police whilst attending a demonstration in East Jerusalem.
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