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Women's Voices: Wafa S. - Property destruction
A woman from East Jerusalem describes how her house was demolished in East Jerusalem without notice and how she has been sent a bill for the bulldozers.
Women's Voices: Mai D.- Property destruction
A young mother describes the day her house in East Jerusalem was demolished by the municipality because they did not have a building permit.
Women's Voices: Fatina E. - Property Destruction
A woman from East Jerusalem describes how her family home was demolished whilst her lawyer was applying for the relevant permits.
Women's Voices: Reem Z. - Property Destruction
A mother describes how the authorities ordered the demolition of an extension to their house in Jerusalem because it was built without a permit.
Women's Voices: Muna Sh. - Night raid and soldier violence
A mother from East Jerusalem describes how Israeli forces arrested her 14-year-old son at 2:00 a.m.
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