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Jerusalem: A City on Edge (2015)
This report considers the current situation in Jerusalem with reference to testimonies provided by Palestinian women. Issues considered included: residency rights and familiy re-unification; building permits and house demolitions; settler violence and encroachment; police violence, night raids and arrests; and restrictions on the freedom of worship.
Women's Voices: Dalia - Family unification
On 22 June 2015, a woman describes the difficulties faced by couples with different ID cards.
Women's Voices: J.S. - Family reunification
On 25 May 2015, a woman from Jerusalem explains the difficulties of being married to a man with a West Bank ID card.
Women's Voices: R.B. - Family reunification
On 20 May 2015, a woman from Bethlehem describes the difficulties she faces living with her husband in Jerusalem.
Women's Voices: Insherah Z.- Family unification / Jerusalem women
On 16 April 2015, a woman describes the difficulties of living in East Jerusalem as a West Bank ID card holder.
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