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Women's Voices: Nariman S. - Property destruction/Jerusalem women
On 1 March 2015, an apartment building under construction in East Jerusalem is demolished by the Israeli authorities because it did not have a building permit. One family borrowed money to pay a deposit on an apartment in the building without knowing there was no permit.
Women's Voices: Sabrin.F. - Family unification / Jerusalem women
On 14 April 2015, a mother from Jerusalem describes the difficulties involved in living as a family because her husband holds a West Bank ID card.
Women's Voices: Khawla M. - Property destruction/Jerusalem women
On 28 February 2015, a family of six in Jerusalem demolish an extension to their home after receiving a demolition order from the Municipality of Jerusalem.
Women's Voices: Fadwa M. - Property destruction / Jerusalem women
On 13 January 2015, a young Palestinian man is forced to demolish his house in East Jerusalem after receiving a notice from the Israeli authorities.
Women's Voices: Hanan H. - Night raid & arrest / Jerusalem women
On 12 January 2015, Israeli soldiers enter a Palestinian home in East Jerusalem at 1.00 a.m. and beat three members of the household and cause property damage.
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