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Women's Voices: Iman A. - Arrest / Jerusalem women
On 29 November 2014, two Palestinian youths from East Jerusalem are arrested by Israeli police on their way to football practice.
Women's Voices: Sana S. - Settler violence / Jerusalem women
On 26 November 2014, a woman from Silwan, in East Jerusalem, is attacked by a group of settlers who try to drag her into a vehicle.
Women's Voices: Laila S. - Soldier violence / Jerusalem women
On 13 October 2014, a 60-year-old woman is pushed over by Israeli police and fractures here wrist whilst peacefully demonstrating outside Al Aqsa Mosque.
Women's Voices: Wala K. - Family unification / Jerusalem women
On 12 November 2014, a woman describes the difficulties faced when Palestinians with different Israeli issued ID cards marry. These challenges include being separated from one’s spouse and not being able to obtain health insurance for her children.
Women's Voices: Nawafa T. - Property Destruction / Jerusalem women
On 29 October 2014, a family home in East Jerusalem is demolished without prior notice.
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