Tag: Violence against women

Women's Voice: Fatima J. - Property destruction
A woman describes how her house was demolished and how she was prevented from retrieving her possessions before the bulldozers moved in.
Outrage rising among Palestinians over steady increase in "honor killings"
The steady rise in the number of murders of Palestinian women by family membersis sparking more urgent protests from Palestinian human rights activists.
Women's Voices: Nada H. - Settler violence
A woman from the village of Qusra, near Nablus, describes the day clashes erupted between the village and a mob of settlers.
Violence against women in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
International Women's Day: Violence rises, impunity prevails in the Euro-Mediterranean region
Women's Voices: Muna C. - Soldier violence and child arrest
A mother describes how her 13-year-old son was arrested by Israeli soldiers following clashes between settlers and young men from her village.
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