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Women's Voices: Lamis M. - Settler violence
Name: LamisMletat Age: 22 Location: BeitFurik, West Bank Date of incident: 22 January 2014 Nature of incident: Settler violence A woman from the village of BeitFurik, near Nablus, describes the day a mob of settlers accompanied by soldiers descended on her village from the settlement of Itimar. Twenty-two year old Lamis lives in the village of BeitFurik, around 7 km east of Nablus. The Israeli settlements of Itimar and Makhar are located close to the village. “On 22 of January 2014, at about 2:30 p.m., I was outside helping my mother with the washing when we saw around 10 settlers and four Israeli soldiers on the hilltop by the settlement of Itimar. As we watched their numbers increased until there were around 40 settlers. They then started to come down the hill towards our house until they were less than 100 metres away. When they got close they started to throw stones at us,” recalls Lamis. “Me and my mother were very scared so we went inside the house and closed all the windows and doors. My younger sister Masa (5 years) and my nephew Saleem (4 years) and my niece Siba(2 years) were also in the house at the time. I watched from a window as our men gathered to keep the settlers out of our village. The soldiers then started firing tear gas and rubber bullets at out men. Saleem wet himself out of fear. During the clashes I saw two soldiers take off their uniforms and join the settlers throwing stones at us. The soldiers had some sort of device that fired multiple tear gas canisters until the air became thick with gas. There was a Palestinian medical team present during the clashes, who gave first aid to the injured.” “The smell of the tear gas was horrible and choking. My mother offered water to those who needed it. She left the front door open and a tear gas canister. The children started to cry as they couldn’t breathe and their eyes were burning badly. I tried to help them but they lost consciousness. Then my motherran back into the house yelling for help, she was unable breathe. I brought a fan to try and clear the air, but then I ended up choking from all the gas. I had a bad headache and wanted to vomit, then I started to shiver and lost conscious. The medical team then came and gave us first aid. I had a very bad headache and stomachache”, recalls Lamis.
Women's Voice: Fatima J. - Property destruction
A woman describes how her house was demolished and how she was prevented from retrieving her possessions before the bulldozers moved in.
Outrage rising among Palestinians over steady increase in "honor killings"
The steady rise in the number of murders of Palestinian women by family membersis sparking more urgent protests from Palestinian human rights activists.
Women's Voices: Nada H. - Settler violence
A woman from the village of Qusra, near Nablus, describes the day clashes erupted between the village and a mob of settlers.
Violence against women in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
International Women's Day: Violence rises, impunity prevails in the Euro-Mediterranean region
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