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Women's Voices: Fatima J. - House Arrest
In September 2016, Fatima’s 16 year-old son was arrested and charged with throwing stones at the police. In October 2016, her son was sentenced to an indefinite period of house arrest. The long period of house arrest (1 year, 7 months and ongoing) has placed huge psychological and physical strain on Fatima, who bears most of the responsibilities for caring for her son alone, as her husband is mentally handicapped.
Women's Voices: Mariam G. - House Arrest
In April 2017, Mariam’s youngest son was violently arrested and sentenced to one year of house arrest, during which time he has been forbidden from leaving the house, going to school or seeking non-emergency medical treatment. This long period of house arrest has had an immense impact on Maryam’s family psychologically and financially. Her son has been denied his right to education, and has suffered psychologically because of being forced to stay inside for so long.
Women's voices: Basima G. - House Arrest
In February 2018, Basima’s three sons were placed on house arrest for varying periods. During the house arrests, Basima and her family had to ensure her sons did not leave the house, placing the entire family under great stress and pressure. Her youngest son was eventually imprisoned for two years without a fair trial.
Women's voices: Amal J. - Housing demolition
Amal and her husband worked hard for years to afford to build their family home. In January 2018, the Israeli occupation authorities ordered for the demolition of the house, citing the reason of building without a permit. Amal and her husband unsuccessfully challenged the decision in court, and in March 2018 were forced to demolish their house. Life is now very difficult for Amal and her family; they are now without a home and forced to live in a crowded house with relatives
Women's Voices: Jomana A.-House Arrest
In October 2015, Jomana’s 16 year old son was arrested, charged with throwing stones at the Israeli occupation forces. He was imprisoned for 21 days, where he was beaten and suffered appalling conditions. Afterwards, he was sentenced to a year and a half of house arrest, which placed great pressure on him and Jomana’s whole family. He was sentenced to a further four months of community sentence following the house arrest.
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