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Women's Voices: Sadaa S. - Night raid
On 13 July 2017, Israeli soldiers raided Sadaa’s home. They caused damages to the property, conducted an invasive strip search, and disregarded her husband’s health condition. No arrests were made, but Sadaa worries they might come back for her husband.
Women's Voices: Najwa A. - Settler violence
On 12 July 2017, Najwa and her two grandsons (5 and 17) got violently attacked by two settlement guards and a settler. The incident led to the older grandson needing stitches to his head and the younger, only 2 years old, still suffering from trauma
Women's Voices: Sawsan S.- Arrest
On 12 July 2017, Israeli soldiers violently arrest Mohammed (26), the brother of Sawsan, in front of her home. At his hearing, no evidence against him was presented. The experience has left a mark on the whole family.
Women's Voices: Wafa G. - Night raid/arrest
On 3 July 2017, Israeli military raided the home of Wafa, a 44 year old mother of six, arresting her son without a warrant. After the raid, her family still experience depression and insomnia.
Women's Voices: Aya A - Gaza Women
Aya was diagnosed with cancer when she was 20 years old. The lengthly permit procedures almost prevented her from receiving any treatment in Jerusalem. After overcoming cancer the first time in 2014, she discovered it had returned in 2016. Now her family is planning to move to Turkey for her to get uninterrupted treatment, as her health is deteriorating and the Israeli authorities keep limiting her access to treatment.
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