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Women's Voices: Sana S. - Housing demolition
On 14 September 2017, Sana awoke to find Israeli police at her front door issuing an order to demolish their house. They have issued many complaints to the court about this but are still waiting to hear what will happen.
Women's Voices: Neda K. - Housing demolition
On 14 September 2017, Neda K from Kufr Aqab was shocked to find numerous Israeli soldiers and police outside of her house. They issued her and her family a notification to evict their house so that it can be demolished. Both Neda and her husband cannot afford to relocate to Jerusalem if their home is taken from them.
Women's Voices: Enas J. - Housing demolition
Enas J. was surprised to find Israeli police at her door on the morning of 14 September 2017. They took measurements of her building and then told her that it is to be demolished. Enas is living with the insecurity of not knowing when they will come to take her house from her and her children.
Women's Voices: Abeer Q. - Health violation
Abeer’s daughter has suffered from a tumor in her hand for 13 years. After having part of it removed in Jerusalem, her medical travel permit to complete the extraction was denied. Abeer continues to apply, without success.
Women's Voices: Anwar T. - Health violation
Anwar’s five year old daughter has glandular cancer and neuroblastoma. Israel has refused Anwar and her daughter’s travel permits so they cannot complete her daughter’s treatment in Tel Aviv.
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