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Women's Voices: Sawsan S.- Arrest
Israeli soldiers violently arrest the brother of Sawsan in front of her home. At his hearing, no evidence against him was presented. The experience has left a mark on the whole family.
Women's Voices: Aya A - Gaza Women
Aya was diagnosed with cancer when she was 20 years old. The lengthly permit procedures almost prevented her from receiving any treatment in Jerusalem. After overcoming cancer the first time in 2014, she discovered it had returned in 2016. Now her family is planning to move to Turkey for her to get uninterrupted treatment, as her health is deteriorating and the Israeli authorities keep limiting her access to treatment.
Women's Voices: Manar Q. - Settler Violence/Arrest
On 30 June 2017, Manarís son Mahdi (14) was attacked and injured by local settler children. Despite being a victim, he was arrested without warrant, detained, and charged with attacking the settlers. He was sentenced to house-arrest and a heavy fine.
Women's Voices: Noura R. - Soldier Violence
On 29 June 2017, a grenade is thrown inside the house of 32 year old Noura, a mother of five. Her daughter Janne (6) is injured with burns. The soldiers later tried to accuse the men in the neighborhood for the act, but Noura is certain it was the soldiers
Women's Voices: Tahani O. - Night Raid/Arrest
On 8 June 2017, Israeli soldiers raided the home of Tahani, a widowed mother of three. They arrested her only son. She still doesnít know what the accusations against her son were.
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