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Women's Voices: Ghadeer K. - Jerusalem women
On 2 February 2013, a mother from the West Bank married to a Jerusalem resident describes how she can be separated from her husband and children because the Israeli authorities will not issue her with the proper papers.
Women's Voices: Salam Y. - Settler violence
On 2 February 2013, a mob of settlers from Yitzhar and Bracha attacked the West Bank village of Burin, terrifying local women and children.
Women's voices: Fatima S. -Setteler violence
On 2 February 2013, a mother of five describes the day a mob of settlers attacked the village of Burin, in the West Bank, whilst being protected by soldiers from the Israeli army.
Women's Voices: Suhaila T. - Gaza women
On 19 November 2012, the director of a hospital in Gaza run by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem describes the challenges of running a hospital under blockade conditions; life in Gaza for a Christian woman; and the day an Israeli bomb exploded in her garden
Women's Voices: Samar H. - Gaza women
On 18 November 2012, a 41-year-old mother of two from the Gaza Strip describes life in the territory during intense Israeli aerial bombardment in November 2012.
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