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Women's Voices: Reem Z. - Property Destruction
On 5 November 2013, a mother describes how the authorities ordered the demolition of an extension to their house in Jerusalem because it was built without a permit.
Women's Voices: Khadijeh A. - Soldier violence
On 17 October 2013, a woman from Burin, in the West Bank, describes the day Israeli soldiers and settlers surrounded her house and beat her and her father.
Women's Voices: Sumaia S. - Settler violence
On 6 October 2013, olive trees in the Palestinian village of Ras Karkar are damaged and destroyed in a suspected settler attack.
Women's Voices: Samaher B.- Home demolition
On 23 September 2013, Israeli forces entered a small Palestinian village in the Jordan Valley and destroyed a number of homes.
Women's Voices: Ahlam R. - Home demolition
On 2 September 2013, a young woman describes how the Israeli military arrived at her home at 6:00 a.m. and demolished her house without documentation or warning.
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