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Women's Voices: Thikrayat Sh. - Right to family life / Jerusalem women
On 4 April 2014, a woman from East Jerusalem describes the difficulties involved in marrying someone with a West Bank ID card.
Women's Voice: Hala - Gaza women / air raid
On 3 April 2014, a woman describes the fear of living through an Israeli air raid in Gaza and the frustration of not being able to travel freely.
Women's Voices: Ribhea N. - Property destruction
On 1 April 2014, Israeli soldiers accompanied by two bulldozers demolish tents used for accommodation and livestock by a Palestinian family in the West Bank.
Women's Voices: Hiba Sh. - Gaza women
A mother of three describes frequent power cuts of up to 21 hours per day, fuel shortages and restrictions on freedom of movement in Gaza.
Women's Voices: Entisar T. - Soldier violence
On 27 March 2014, soldiers fire stun grenades and tear gas at a woman who is sitting outside her house with her husband and disabled daughter.
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