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The WCLAC Bulletin – October 2015
In this issue: BBC Interview with Dr. Hanan Ashrawi; Palestinian flag raised at the UN; Israeli army dogs supplied by The Netherlands; Evidence of extra-judicial killings and death threats against women; Israeli soldiers break into a Palestinian home at 4:00am; help us end night raids against Palestinian homes
The WCLAC Bulletin - September 2015
In this issue: WCLAC submission to the UN on settler violence; “One Border, Two Worlds” by Fida Jiryis; Palestinian women and inheritance; The Palestinian Model Parliament; Israeli soldiers raid a Palestinian home at 3:30am; “Settlements, Violence and Night Raids” by Salwa Duaibis; Palestine’s only female taxi driver has big plans.
The WCLAC Bulletin - August 2015
In this issue: Randa Siniora appointed as WCLAC's new General Director; the devastating effects of night raids on Palestinian families; Israeli soldiers raid a Palestinian home in Al-Arrub; WCLAC briefs UN on night raids; Ms. Šimonović appointed new Special Rapporteur on VAW; and WCLAC's semi annual narrative report.
The WCLAC Bulletin - July 2015
In this issue – “Jerusalem: A City on Edge; Joint complaint to the UN by WCLAC and LPHR; Susiya faces the threat of another forced displacement; Six women trying to build a future for Gaza; Meeting violence with a violin; Palestinian poet features in major British arts festival.
The WCLAC Bulletin - June 2015
In this issue: WCLAC submission to UN con night raids; Palestinian female architects break the mold; WCLAC advocacy team in Europe; report of the UN International Commission of Inquiry into Gaza is out; US State Department 2014 Global human rights report: and under the PA violence against women and discrimination are serious problems.
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