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The devastating effects of night raids on Palestinian families
In a sample of 100 instances of night raids conducted since 2014, the one common thread mentioned by the women who provided testimonies to WCLAC was a sense of terror.
Aquila-style: Salwa Duaibis, the defender of Palestine women
Women’s rights advocate Salwa Duaibis speaks to Amal Awad about working with women under occupation and their extraordinary resilience.
Outrage rising among Palestinians over steady increase in "honor killings"
The steady rise in the number of murders of Palestinian women by family membersis sparking more urgent protests from Palestinian human rights activists.
How many more Palestinian women have to be murdered
[Haaretz] September was the most violent month this year, with seven women killed in Gaza and the West Bank.
Israel extends “Citizenship Law” for an additional year denying entry or living permits to partners from the West Bank and Gaza
Israel extends law restricting unification of citizens with spouses from 'enemy states' 'Citizenship Law' denies entry or living permits to partners considered a security threat; it mainly affects Israeli Arab citizens and their families from the West Bank and Gaza.
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