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Night raids on Palestinian homes: follow-up submission to the UN
[11 November 2015] Today, WCLAC lodged a follow-up submission with the UN concerning the devastating impact that Israeli military night raids are having on Palestinian women and families in the West Bank. The latest submission focuses on night raids that occurred in just one month October 2015 and is based on 19 testimonies provided to WCLAC by affected women.
Evidence of extra-judicial killings and death threats against women
[9 November 2015] During the course of the past month there is evidence that Israeli forces in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank are increasingly resorting to extra-judicial killing, mass intimidation and collective punishment in order to maintain their grip on Palestinian territory in violation of basic international norms.
Israeli army dogs used against Palestinians supplied by The Netherlands
[29 October 2015] A recent article published in the Dutch newspaper NRC has revealed that the Dutch Government has been approving export licenses for the supply of service dogs to the Israeli military for use in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Business as usual: update on the current situation in the West Bank
In spite of recent media attention highlighting a recent upsurge in violence, night raids and settler violence are continuing much as before, suggesting that it is only when Israelis experience the effects of the occupation that the situation is worthy of significant attention.
Escalating Violence - Update
[17 Oct 2015] According to the latest data released by the UN on 12 October, since the start of the recent upsurge in violence in Palestine/Israel (29 September to 12 October), 25 Palestinians and 4 Israelis have been killed, representing a ratio of 6:1. During the same period, 3,105 Palestinians and 24 Israelis have been injured, representing a ratio of 129:1.
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